Meet David Hoekstra, “Salvager Dali”

The “Wood Shed” Main Stage at the Museum of Steam & Technology will be host to some amazing speakers.  Today we feature one of our favourites: David Hoekstra

David is a freelance theatre props master and builder, whose work has been seen throughout Toronto over the last 25 years. David has also designed and built a variety of domestic objects including lamps, clocks, CD racks, shelving to mention a few. Sometimes known as “Salvager Dali”, many of David’s creations are based on found materials and scrap yard items. The recurring design theme has an art deco flavour and is heavy on geometric pattern repetition.

Well known for his 350 vintage electric toasters (perhaps the largest collection in Canada), David’s latest obsessions are restoring vintage stage lights and building ray guns, something he finds surprising that it has taken him so long to realize. David is looking forward to retiring in 2035, hopefully sooner.

hoekstra raygun

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