FWOOMP! Meet Site3 Fire Arts

Site3 Fire Arts' Charcade at Burning Man 2013

Site3 Fire Arts’ Charcade at Burning Man 2013

Site3 Fire Arts is an enthusiastic collective of designers, programmers, fabricators, artists, and makers. Their giant interactive fire-shooting contraptions have appeared at Burning Man and other events all over North America. Past projects include Super Street Fire, a live-action fiery reimagining of the arcade game Street Fighter, and Riskee Ball, a bank of ten oversized skee ball machines that respond to good aim with a blast of fire. After a winter spent planning, presenting workshops, and building, they’re now ready to bring several Burning Man-bound projects out for their first public appearance. We’re pleased to be able to help them show off their fire projects. See the future with Francis the Fantastic! Test your strength on Hell Blazer and be rewarded with a blast of flame! Come out to the Faire and play with fire.

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