Meet Julie Ponesse and Mike Barneveld from Square Peg Designs

Julie and Mike will be joining us on the Woodshed Stage in just two weeks!

Slate-CheeseboardLive-Edge-Round-Walnut-Side-TableSquare Peg Designs is a small, Niagara-based company which creates one-of-a-kind furniture and accessories with an “industrial chic” feel using vintage and reclaimed materials.  Two high-school friends who decided to return to their artistic roots after over a decade of working in other fields, they see dormant beauty in items that might otherwise be destined for the landfill.  They love to reuse old things in new ways, transforming them into useful and beautiful objects that are brimming with character. Everything – from old floor boards and panes of glass to mason jars and even old, used nails – has a story; they think that giving these objects a new life helps to extend that story beyond the object’s original purpose. Everything they make is hand crafted using select pieces of reclaimed wood, metal, and glass married with other vintage items and modern materials.

julie Mike

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