Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Our 2016 Call for Makers

Steam Museum Exterior 2Do YOU have what it takes to be one of the exhibitors at the 2016 Hamilton Mini Maker Faire? Take our quiz to find out!

1)Do you like awesome things?      □ Yes            □No

2)Are you any of the following things (check all that apply):

□  A Maker                   □  A Crafter

□ An Engineer            □ A Tech Enthusiast

□ A Tinkerer                □ A Hobbyist

□ An Engineer             □ An author

□An Artist                     □ A scientist

□ An Educator              □ A Designer

If you answered “Yes” to Question 1, and checked any of the boxes in Question 2, we want YOU to apply to exhibit at the Hamilton Mini Maker Faire on June 26th, 2016. Fill out our application here! 


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